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Acoustic Guitars Get the Best of Many Worlds

I’m a big fan having the ability to audition different spectral perspectives on acoustic guitars – they are so ubiquitous, but also very personal for each player. Having quick A/B access to smooth ribbons and clear condensers allows me to record any guitar with minimal fuss. Here, the Telefunken C12s and Royer 122Vs are in a, Grace Design Spacebar meets Enhanced Audio M600, mid-side stereo array, with a short hop over to our lovely LaChapell 992EGs. What a sound!

New Course Makes the News

It was great talking to Clare Menzel of the Flathead Beacon about the new MUST 115 class as FVCC. I’m really excited to share many of my experiences with FVCC students, and learn more about how people are using technology to improve the music experience, whether that be creating it or listening to it. This is a great way to get us all in a room talking about how we innovate in Montana with music and technology.    

Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon

Last weekend I got to be a part of a really cool collaboration between students from Whitefish High School a few local creative professionals called 44Mentors. Michael Voisin, a senior at WFHS made his directorial debut with his screenplay ‘Somber’, utilizing students and professionals for everything from key grip to production assistant. He got a taste of what it was like to manifest ideas from paper to screen. I got to partner with student Thomas Carloss in capturing the sound. It was so cool to see them learn and apply the techniques in such a short amount of time. I look forward to the world premiere of ‘Somber’ May 21st at Tate Interiors gallery in Whitefish!

Where Science Meets Art

Hilary Matheson and Aaric Bryan from the Daily Interlake paid Whitefish High School a visit while the Physics, Music and Shop class came together to talk about what we’ve been up to the last few months…. It’s been a blast for me to hang with young people, addressing real world problems – and problems that affect them on a daily basis. When the music kids left their 50+ year old building and moved into their new state of the art space, The Center, it wasn’t without a new set of issues. The rooms were ping-y and bright, and the bass was mushy. I heard it right away, but had to figure out how to help the kids test and understand what they were up against. What I found most refreshing was the level of excitement that the students showed in the subjective process – the idea that a room can be ‘fixed’ with acoustic treatment, but that there is no right answer. The idea that we accept a certain level of imperfection, when that imperfection is deemed musical. This is my love affair with music as a science and art.

Live Noise

There is something so rewarding about sitting back after the hours of setup, giving talented artists every possible sonic option, and listening to them feel their way through new instruments. There’s a certain kind of a rough-edge feel about it. And sometimes there is a beautiful delicacy about it. Sometimes wild uncontrollable things burst through the speakers and send everyone running for the back door… and sometimes, something, just works. My last session with Cory Gray (producer, session musician, and currently touring with bands like the Dandy Warhols and Blind Pilot), Daniel Hindman (of Pure Bathing Culture, and formerly Vetiver), and Brian Wright (of Pure Bathing Culture and Grand Hallway) was just that. They arrived with nothing but backpacks, and were setup with every conceivable option for sound…. They did not disappoint. The sonic blending of electronic and acoustic instruments, as well as access to effects – performed live – was so fluid. The music from these virtuosic and creative players proved to be some of the most interesting recordings I have made as of late.  

Moebius Story and Leidecker at SnowGhost

Littered with found sounds, droning synths, gritty beats, and some straight up wacky stuff, there’s something special about new release ‘Snowghost Pieces‘. It was a dream come true for us, having listened to early Krautrock like Kraftwerk, Cluster, and Neu! for years – and this recording trio is comprised of Kraut-royalty. Dieter Moebius charted new “Krautronik” ground as one half of Cluster. The Americans Tim Story and Jon Leidecker are two electronic musicians who could not be more different to one another. Story is known for his warm soundscapes whilst Leidecker has made an name for himself, or rather for his “Wobbly” pseudonym, with experimental adventures in sound. The reviews have already started coming in: Music OMH – “thoroughly enjoyable production and one that equally rewards as a close, detailed listen”; Billy Ray Martin – “features harmonious, electronic improvisations of the highest order”; DereksMusicBlog – “it’s a genre melting album, Magnus Opus that anyone who enjoys electronic music must own”; The Skinny – “ambitious in its depth of texture, this is experimental music from the bleeding-edge”. We feel honored that Moebius, Story, and Leidecker made the trek all the way out to Montana by way of Berlin, Ohio, and San Francisco to compose, perform, and record their first collaborative work together.   Check out the first video from ‘Snowghost Pieces’, the twisting and turning ‘Defenestrate’.


Coachella 2014 was as much of a social gathering, as it was an arts and music festival, this year. I have been to numerous Coachellas, starting with the first annual, Coachella ’99 – and I have always enjoyed just being a fan. I felt that this year’s Coachella definitely put people’s appetite for individualistic social media on display. Littered with eye-popping outfits and hard-bodies, drones and GoPros, and selfie shutterbugs – Coachella was dominated by EDM – and yet, high profile DJs like Skrillex, Flosstradamus, and Calvin Harris were the observers.  In this pop culture movement, the entertaining line between performer and audience is blurred.

SnowGhost Featured In The Flathead Beacon Music Issue

Flattered to be included in this month’s music issue of the Flathead Beacon put together by Tristan Scott and Greg Lindstrom. Really great talking shop with those guys. I’m sure they’ll be back for a listening session soon.

SnowGhost’s Interview With Westlake Pro

We had a great time talking with Danny of Westlake Pro about all things music, recording, time management, and hanging with Dan Deacon. Check out the writeup of our conversation.

The Fan In Me

The other day my neighbor and I got into a discussion, and I found out that she was basically one of the biggest Beatles fans ever. She told me that she had all of their records, trading cards, ticket stubs from their last show at Candlestick Park, clothing, stickers, posters…. everything. And then she told me about her prized possession – a gold medallion with John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Mop tops and beatnik suits. She told me what made this necklace rare was not the limited edition photo on the front, but that it also had all of their signatures carved into the back. I couldn’t believe it. In this lonely digital age, I had found a super fan. I remember collecting baseball cards when I was a kid. I learned all about my favorite players that way. I based hang out sessions with my friends around talking shop and traded cards – it brought me closer to the game, and it gave me a sense of community… even if they were just cardboard cutout friends. I wonder if the digital music consumers of today know what they’re missing, not being able to touch and feel a piece of the music. Maybe they don’t care. Must be the fan in me.

We Love Our Work

Thanks again to the John Pizzarelli Quartet for visiting SnowGhost Music! A few of the best jazz musicians of our time, John and his brother Martin are two current snapshots from the past of their father Bucky Pizzarelli, a living legend within the jazz community. John and Bucky have also recorded their fair share of pop music, John playing on Paul McCartney’s last record Kisses On The Bottom, and Bucky on some of Phil Spector’s biggest hits. When you add in Monty Alexander on the Steinway, a man who some argue as one of the best pianists in the world, it’s recording days like these that we live for.

Fall Foliage and Mixing

As I work in the studio, and watch the leaves change colors here in Montana, I realize that there are obvious parallels in music production and changing surroundings. I know that the art we produce is directly influenced by our surroundings – but I’ve never actually thought about the seasons affecting mixes. Montana is gearing up for that annual white winter blanket, and I wonder if my approach changes at all. Getting ready for those SnowGhosts!

We Found More Records!

The key finds at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013 were huge collections of vinyl and turntables, and computer-based playback systems. That’s it folks, CDs are officially a thing of the past. Here is Jeff at one of the many record shops – this one was crammed into a room on the 9th floor of the Marriott – if they always had a room like this I’d only stay at the Marriott! We also listened to some super high-quality digital music off of phones and tablets. One of the coolest things we found, and bought on the spot, was the Resonessence Labs Herus. The Herus is a no frills, bite sized, DAC and headphone amp, and sounds remarkable.