We just time traveled. It’s guaranteed that History repeats itself, but in most cases with a new hair color. It is not all that common that History finds itself digging back into its closet to find an old turntable – I guess we never really bettered ourselves.

SnowGhost just bought a turntable for the studio, to showcase the wonders of the analog consumer medium, juxtaposed against a digital wallpapered world. In fact, this debate is not all that far off from comparing a nice plaster-textured wall to wallpaper. Wallpaper can get you there – or maybe it just keeps you from going crazy white-wall on everyone. There is something very soothing about textured walls. I don’t know why, but it just feels like home.

Some of my friends got into vinyl because they inherited an enormous record collection (bigger than their own CD and tape collection combined) from their weird uncle who finally decided to get an iPhone. And then there are my friends who never left vinyl because CDs didn’t smell right to them. I am one of those with a keen sense of smell, but figured that some day, CDs would just start smelling better. Well, here we are in 2011, and CDs still smell like a urinal. SACDs seemed like a they had a pretty good shot at making the digital bathroom experience something my more-vintage-than-you Grandma could enjoy, but ultimately they couldn’t beat the convenience of the MP3 Port-A-Potty. So I say “TRUCE”, buy the vinyl for home, so you can have family over for dinner, and get the mp3 download so that you don’t have to stand in line at the ball game.