Sonic Youth

Tiana Crist PianoWe all have experiences in life that we never forget, flashes in time we keep with us the rest of our lives. This week marks one of those milestones for local pianist Tiana Crist…

In today’s world of music, it can be difficult for our youth to get the support they need. At a very excited 10 years young, Tiana has that support system from her parents – thank you Sally and Chad for the encouragement! She has incredible skill and keeps a very humble attitude towards her art, even for someone who reads music and is already writing her own compositions.

Take a listen.

6 thoughts on “Sonic Youth”

  • Your write-up of Tiana was awesome! So was the recording.

    Your excitement and zeal for music and your encouragement to others involved in creating and sharing their art is such a breath of fresh air in a field that sometimes get caught up in impersonal commercialism and hype.

    I am Tiana’s grandpa – and your interest in her and the time you have given to inform and encourage her family is one of the best things that has happened to her.



    • Yay! Thanks to you Tiana! We had a great time and are glad you enjoyed it as well. We will talk again soon and until then Happy New year!!
      The SnowGhost Team

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