Electric Guitar Mics

Lately we’ve been finding that we are working much quicker using a combination of mics on a source, to paint a picture of an instrument in a specific mix – rather than EQing to get it to sit right. If we are very careful during setup to get the collective phase right, each mic adds something to the overall sound, rather than taking away from it. We don’t use all of the mics in this picture at the same time, just a combination of a few for the right sound. Couple this with a nice selection of amps and guitars, and the possibilities are endless – makes commiting electric guitar on many songs in a short period of time very easy. The microphones on this Carr Rambler are the Shure SM57, Royer 121, Sennheiser 421, Sennheiser 441, Shure 313, and Josephson E22s, all being amplified by Electrodyne 501 mic pres.