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Howdy.  We’re in the process of moving to a new, more focused site.  So please bear with us while we get things up and running. We’ll be back with more tracks and news from the studio soon!

Pick Six

Lately we’ve been finding that we are working much quicker using a combination of mics on a source, to paint a picture of an instrument in a specific mix – rather than EQing to get it to sit right. If we are very careful during […]

A Room With A Classical Guitar

Working with musician Andrew Leonard on how to define what we love about classical guitar, and how to properly record it. SnowGhost has developed a very special method using Telefunken C12s, Sanken CO-100ks, and LaChapell 992EGs to capture the purity of the image of the […]

Mastering A Vintage Vinyl Collection

Just finished restoring a special collection of vintage vinyl records, archiving them to hi-definition digital for a client. Played back through our Spiral Groove SG1.1 turntable and VTL 6.5 phono stage, into our Forssell MADA-2, into SoundBlade HD at 96kHz, 24Bit PCM.  A deep cleaning […]

Kati O’Toole at SnowGhost One of our favorite performances from the vault. Kati O’Toole has been a long time collaborator with SnowGhost. Check back in for music from her and Brett soon, as they have been getting together weekly to write new music.

Brett and Mark from AIX Records and iTrax Listening Back PCM, DSD, and 2″ Tape

Thanks to music and digital media expert Dr. Mark Waldrep from AIX Records and  iTrax for making it out to see us, and for the great write up on his findings. Mark is one of the good guys, working tirelessly to get the word out […]

Oooh That Smell

Why do we love that fishy smell of tape? A nice close up of our newly restored ATR 102. Thanks to Mike and Bette at ATR Services for all of their help – This is one mean machine.

Peter McGrath Gives A Nod To SnowGhost

Thanks to Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio for including SnowGhost in his secret stash of to die for recordings. See the shout out from Audio Beat.

Listening Night

Getting ready for another late night vinyl session. Cued up, Wilco’s The Whole Love. One of the best sounding records we’ve heard in a while. Kudos to our friend Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering on a stand up mastering job!

The Drums, They Are A Singin’

Getting the drums tuned up for The Crown of the Continent session. Really looking forward to working with super-producer-and-all-around-good-guy Matt Smith from Austin.