Herb Alpert Mastering

Just finished restoring a special collection of vintage vinyl records, archiving them to hi-definition digital for a client. Played back through our Spiral Groove SG1.1 turntable and VTL 6.5 phono stage, into our Forssell MADA-2, into SoundBlade HD at 96kHz, 24Bit PCM.  A deep cleaning with our Loricraft PRC 3, a touch of DW Fearn’s VT-4 EQ, DeClick and DeCrackle with SoundBlade HD’s NoNoise II SR suite, and broadband noise reduction with TC 6000’s BackDrop. Sounds so rich and dynamic – much better than modern CD “Remasters” in most cases! Here is the classic Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass Band’s Whipped Cream & Other Delights, maybe one of my favorite album covers of all time.