Does It Get Any Better?

A Beatles-heavy vinyl night, with father and son Brown. We are reveling in the sound of our newly updated VTL Siegfried Series II – Not sure how you improve on the originals, but they did it! So much faster and cleaner. Thanks to Luke and Bea for being wonderful people, with a wonderful taste in sound.

A Gang of Ears

The best ears in the business. From left to right, Michal Jurewicz from Mytek, Mark Waldrep from AIX and iTrax, Bo Saxberg, Eric Eagle, Charlie Bolois from Vertigo Recording Services, Peter McGrath from Wilson Audio, Geoff Harper, Luke Manley from VTL, and Jeff Allen from SnowGhost.

The Greatest Listening Session Ever

Ted used to have vinyl, but he now admits that he rarely listened to the old LPs, EPs, and singles that he used to buy. “Well, for one thing, they look cool. Nothing ever looked cooler or will ever look cooler than vinyl,” says Ted, adjusting his hands so he can flip the record he’s holding in his hands. “But they sounded like ass compared to CDs. At least they did on my shitty Technics … More

The Vinyl Bathroom

We just time traveled. It’s guaranteed that History repeats itself, but in most cases with a new hair color. It is not all that common that History finds itself digging back into its closet to find an old turntable – I guess we never really bettered ourselves. SnowGhost just bought a turntable for the studio, to showcase the wonders of the analog consumer medium, juxtaposed against a digital wallpapered world. In fact, this debate is … More