SnowGhost’s Interview With Westlake Pro

We had a great time talking with Danny of Westlake Pro about all things music, recording, time management, and hanging with Dan Deacon. Check out the writeup of our conversation.

Why I Love Mechanical Music

Real mechanical music has the ability to get people to camp out, around the fire, so to speak. Music is unique in that it stokes so many physical, mental, and emotional triggers. It’s impressive experiencing the human mastery of a mechanical instrument, emulating nature at […]

Sonic Youth

We all have experiences in life that we never forget, flashes in time we keep with us the rest of our lives. This week marks one of those milestones for local pianist Tiana Crist… In today’s world of music, it can be difficult for our […]

The Fan In Me

The other day my neighbor and I got into a discussion, and I found out that she was basically one of the biggest Beatles fans ever. She told me that she had all of their records, trading cards, ticket stubs from their last show at […]

Got Change For 20 Grand?

We had a great week with Whitefish’s favorite funk band, 20 Grand. It paid off gigging endlessly this summer, as they got their keeper takes from a live pass through all of the songs – that energy definitely comes across in the recording. We are […]

We Love Our Work

Thanks again to the John Pizzarelli Quartet¬†for visiting SnowGhost Music! A few of the best jazz musicians of our time, John and his brother Martin are two current snapshots from the past of their father Bucky Pizzarelli, a living legend within the jazz community. John […]

Fall Foliage and Mixing

As I work in the studio, and watch the leaves change colors here in Montana, I realize that there are obvious parallels in music production and changing surroundings. I know that the art we produce is directly influenced by our surroundings – but I’ve never […]

Luke O’Connell Band

Tracking, mixing, and mastering 5 new songs for The Luke O’Connell Band, a group from our very own Flathead Valley. They work fast and furious, often only needing a take or two of a song before calling it good. It’s pleasure to work with them, […]

We Found More Records!

The key finds at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013 were huge collections of vinyl and turntables, and computer-based playback systems. That’s it folks, CDs are officially a thing of the past.¬†Here is Jeff at one of the many record shops – this one was […]

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013

On our way to Denver to see all of our good friends at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013. Gonna play some of our latest DSD recordings. There will be some serious geeking out, and we will love every minute of it!