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SnowGhost is a collaboration between storytellers. We are producers with a passion for creating original content that drives authentic audience experiences. From concept through production, we deliver these exceptional services for artists and brands:

    • Music production, songwriting, arranging, mixing and mastering
    • Midi orchestration, sequencing and print to analog instruments
    • Film and television scores
    • Sound design
    • Audio research
    • Spatial audio for virtual reality experiences
    • Experience design leveraging new media formats and technologies
    • Opportunity and concept alignment between artists, technologists and brands
    • Partnership and project management for exceptional end-user experiences





Brett Allen: deeply interdisciplinary, both technically and artistically; expert at sound capture and curation, expert at music recording and production; passionate about learning more, and sharing knowledge.

On Sound: New music is not made up of some undiscovered arrangements of notes. New music is created by innovative people and their ‘instruments’ – new sounds, inspired and excited by unique control, and process. The spatial cues in mono, stereo and multi-channel formats provide yet another opportunity to expand the paradigm of playback.




Kirk Cornelius: an experienced music and media strategist, composer and producer; expert at cultivating and nurturing early stage concepts through to market; expert at brand management and market positioning.

On Perspective: Technology has re-calibrated the spectrum for new music and media experiences, enabling artists and content creators to connect with their audience in a more personal, meaningful and direct way.




Shawn Watts: a convener and translator; expert at synthesizing diverse perspectives into shared meaning; expert at implementing technology as an enabling tool; driven by the purpose and power of relationship.

On Production: Sustained success is built on top of relationships that engender trust, inspire personal investment and enable transformational thinking. Such relationships and, with them, new opportunities emerge in the intersections between creativity, technology and enterprise.





Arturo Martinini: a multi-disciplinary artist; accomplished international theater performer, stop-motion animator, graphic novelist and Creative Director; experimenting with artistic applications to new media.

On Art: Experimentation is a great way to understand the ever-evolving language of art; it ignites a desire to create something and suppresses our generational urge to curate everything.




Nick Spear: accomplished composer and lyricist; an original content creator published in mainstream entertainment and media programming; specialist in utilizing target demographic research to inform and articulate dramatic musical narratives.

On Art: It’s no mystery why we measure technology in terms of art when we say, ‘the state of the art.’ Art and technology have always worked in tandem, and they always will.