A Room With A Classical Guitar


Working with musician Andrew Leonard on how to define what we love about classical guitar, and how to properly record it. SnowGhost has developed a very special method using Telefunken C12s, Sanken CO-100ks, and LaChapell 992EGs to capture the purity of the image of the guitar, as well as how it interacts with the room – with great success. Andrew agrees that the classical guitar, and the room in which it is played, are not mutally exclusive – that interaction or relationship should be presented in a good classical guitar recording.

1 thought on “A Room With A Classical Guitar”

  • I was reminded during my conversation with Brett, that what I listen for, as a performer, is very different than what a sound engineer does. My thoughts on the quality of a recording are influenced by the performance and sound/tone generated by the performer. Hearing and capturing the sound of a great performance, in a great sounding space is an art form itself.

    I look forward to future conversations with Brett and sharing more of our thoughts on the different components of great recordings.

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